Cropped Alice

IMG_2185I made this.  For me.  The fit was very awkward, so after being remodelled from a tunic length top to a crop top (almost), S has claimed it.

Like all Tessuti patterns, this went together like a dream.  The fine linen from Spotlight was also lovely to sew with.  The sleeve-y things are a nice design feature – but require thought re: underwear.

Thank you to SewingElle for the pics.


Charlie scrubs


So, I finally got around to making this.  For H.  In fabric (cotton sateen from Spotlight) she has been coveting for a long time.  I did an excellent job if I say so myself (but thanks always to Heather Lou for fabulous patterns) – see lovely deep neckline facing, passable front band thingy, nice hand sewing on inside of front band thingy

And most importantly, pockets:


Here are front and back views with special photo-bombing by Mr B:

Problem – H is not keen on it.  “I feel like a nurse”.  Did not see that coming.  Apparently something to do with the V-neck.  It may never be worn in public.  Still, I am happy that this went together so well and will make the next version for myself.

M sewing Burdas 1/2016#115 & 5/2017#112B

Unglamorous title for fabulous frocks!

1/2016 #115 is a re-match – the first time I made it, I didn’t make it long enough and it became a blouse.  This time, I was more careful and made a cherry sack dress!


The fabric is a lovely (but itchy and scratchy) wool/silk blend from Emma One Sock.  My favourite bit of the dress apart from the pretty fabric is the sleeves – the style of which I note are on some current Veronika Maine offerings…

It doesn’t drape as well as the VM version due to the stiff fabric, but nothing wrong with billowing sleeves!

Burda 5/2017#112B is a wrap dress made for H in a poly crepe purchased in Leicester, UK.  I love the colour of this and it is perfect on H.

The bows on the sleeves are a little ungainly, but from a distance, they seem just right.  The high-low hem is lovely.  The only negative about this dress is that it is a bit big on the bodice but I had to guess-fit as H was working while I was sewing.  Still, it’s not too bad and the gloriousness of the colour more than makes up for what it lacks in fit, I feel.


M sewing Burda 12/2011 #119

This blouse has been in my virtual wardrobe since I saw it in the magazine.  Now, I have it.

I bought a gorgeous kelly green sateen from Spotlight and did everything properly – including making a muslin:


The neckline is very low and I raised it by 5 cm – still NSFW – but I am determined to find somewhere to wear it!  The pattern itself requires 150cm wide fabric.  My fabric was about 130cm, so I had to join the bow a couple of times.  It is a very clever pattern in that the ties which make the bow are actually cut on to the bodice parts.  Was a bit of a jigsaw, but I took it slowly and it went together well.

I made this on holiday with SewingElle and here I am with her lovely daughter.



This skirt is cactus


The justifiably famous Rachel Comey skirt – this time made for S in a cactus print cotton duck selected by S in a fabric shop in Leicester, England.

Sorry no pics of S in it, but some of the skirt showing the pretty fabric.  The large pinky-red button won selection.


Mia for moi

After my last Mia got snaffled by S, I made another – this time in a khaki cotton/linen from Spotlight.  I bought the fabric thinking to make a shirt for K, but it feels a little heavy for a shirt – and more like a Mia with a flounce.

I made this one with the pleated front yoke option:


The beauty of this fabric is that it is so rustic-looking, that it covers a multitude of sewing sins (like un-even pleats).

I added a ruffle to the hem to match the ruffles on the sleeves and am very pleased with how it turned out.

I kept the selvage on the ruffle – not lazy, just very chic – n’est pas?


Kalle III

This time for H, in a textured blue and white striped cotton/linen from Ferrier Fashion Fabrics.


I was a bit worried about the rather large collar stand and stiff collar …


But you don’t notice it once it’s on and H is delighted with it.  A self tie belt has been requested and is on its way.  I don’t think it needs it but Young Person not used to wearing sack-like garments.

Glorious plants in neighbour’s garden and sneak preview of next me-make …