M sewing Kwik Sew 3623 (OOP)


Or the “Law Society Triumph Jacket”, as my lovely friend Liz puts it.  Thanks to Liz also for the pics taken in her lovely garden.

I made this jacket last year, thinking to make a skirt or sheath dress to go with it but failed on both counts.  I had to give a paper at a work forum so decided this would be the occasion that spurred me to make the matching item.  The dress was too small and the skirt was too poufy so I had to make a mad dash to Target for a dress to wear under the jacket – v stressful but here’s the end result:

The fabric is a wool/poly mix from Lincraft – bought on sale for $3m!  The jacket is unlined except for the pleated bits at the ends of the sleeves.  I love the sleeves very much – they are the reason I made this pattern.


Now for a close up of the self covered buttons:


Sweet brooch from a jacket I bought years ago at Sportsgirl.

M sewing Burda 4/2016 Top 118

After a series of wadders, I have been in need of some familiar or simple projects.  This was one of the latter.  Almost embarrassed to post this but I thought I should document the stashbusting use of a gorgeous piece of Liberty cotton.

I made a 44 but increased the lower part of the side seams to give it a bit more of a swing shape.  It is a perfect fit and although one of the most basic of tops, I am ridiculously pleased with it.  Second photo is me directing my photographer (thanks H) to show a close up of the only real feature of the top – some stitched down darts.


The darts have hot pink topstitching which disappears into this loud print, but I know it’s there.  In fact I used hot pink thread on top and orange underneath (living on the edge).  Again, ridiculously pleased with self.

Another fabulous sewing day, another shirt for Ken

In what seems to have become a tradition, I spent another glorious sewing day with my lovely friend Liz from He Cooks She Sews. After an epic fail of making a corporate navy dress for myself, I decided to go back to a TNT – a casual shirt for Kenneth.  Same pattern as used twice previously and with same great results.

Pictures of shirt in action taken by Liz (thank you) at Shakespeare in the Vines.  Note – normally by cutting the yoke across the grain, you get a diagonal print – this cotton voile from Spotlight has a diagonal print already – so the yoke pattern comes out as squares … of course.


Sparkly Sugar Glider

Any excuse to make a party dress, er, sack …

This time I made Rachel Comey’s lovely sugar glider dress in a festive cotton from The Drapery.  I love this pattern.  Please excuse weary, crinkled looks (me and dress) – pics taken after work Christmas party.

And here’s dodgy seamstress detail.  Loop broke before I even got to the party.




Red Wedding

Now that I have your attention…

I made this dress for S to wear to her boyfriend’s brother’s wedding.  It is in red cotton lace from Tessuti which was the fabric you could use for a recent competition.  It is a mash-up of a couple of Burda patterns with oh-so-clever self-drafted skirt (!!) and zip moved to the side.  The wedding theme was “vintage-y” and I was also pressed into action to sew up the some 27 metres of bunting which are shown in the end pictures.

What a handsome couple!

Ready for the festivities…


Talented S also made the sign and accompanied the groom’s sister (who sang a song, I think) on guitar during the ceremony.



One for Sewing Elle

Challenge accepted.  Refer to the fabulous blog of Sewing Elle – He Cooks She Sews (beurreblanc.wordpress.com), for important information about this pattern and reference to this unblogged-about blouse.

I’m a sucker for foofy sleeves and this blouse has them in spades.  It is meant to be a dress, but I am stupid and didn’t check before I cut and therefore did not lengthen the pattern where indicated.  Still, the fabric is fairly fine and is probably better as a blouse.  I love the colour and pattern of the fabric and wear this often to work under a jacket.  That defeats the purpose of lovely sleeves, but at least I know they are there.

Here’s the pics – including close up of weird shoulder thingy – I am such a slave to pattern directions that I followed it blindly – when I should have used common sense like Sewing Elle and left them off…

Apologies for less than optimal photography – harassed photographer on way to work…



Feathered Sugar Glider

Like other sewists, I would not have given Vogue 1482 a second look (due to their awful fabric choice on the envelope) had I not seen some gorgeous examples out in blogland.

Thus inspired, I made this up in a heavy rayon-y satin from Spotlight.  I took Catherine Daze’s advice and shortened the back slit, but otherwise slavishly followed the pattern.  This was fun to make and lovely to wear.  Here it is, with obligatory sugar glider poses…