M sewing Burda 11/2017 #129

Inspired by Sewing Elle’s last post and in possession of a day off yesterday, I made myself a much-needed work skirt –


This pattern was a breeze to make and I did my first, very grown up, lined skirt with waist facing.  Fabric is a beautiful quality cotton pique from Tessuti, with rustle-y lining from Spotlight.

Bad pic, I realise, but the truth is it looks rather frumpy, so a better pic would not necessarily make a difference.  I cut a very generous 44 but it feels too loose – perhaps contributing to the frumpiness.  The real issue for me is what Burda kindly call “a full tummy”.  Next time I make this pattern (and I will because it goes together so well), I will not be so lazy and make proper adjustments.


M sewing Burda 02/2015#104 or The Shirt That Took Forever

I have had my eye on this pattern for some time and armed with this gorgeous fine linen from The Drapery I set out on the journey.  A fair bit of MacGuyver-ing was required as either the instructions were deficient (surely not!) or the pattern was too advanced for moi.  I cut the pattern out on the June long weekend and got up to attaching the front placket and then it sat in my UFO pile for months.  It has taken the last couple of weekends to brave the placket and then finish it.

The front placket was the most difficult part and does not bear close inspection but overall, a very wearable blouse!  There are a lot of lovely things about this top but my favourite and the reason for making the pattern is the lovely rollercoaster-y flounce

I particularly like how this looks from the side and back:

I didn’t put buttons/buttonholes on the cuffs because I am unlikely to ever do them up if I had them and also I like the way the linen folds when I turn them up.


M sewing Burda 09/2012 #119

When I saw this 3.1 Phillip Lim metallic navy, boucle-lined coating on the EmmaOneSock webstore, I couldn’t resist.  My (not so) inner 80s rock star was calling.  When I found the perfect pattern:


and unwrapped the precious fabric bundle, I discovered even more gloriousness – a fringed selvage!


So, this needed to be incorporated and I think it makes an excellent edging for the front of the coat and the collar.


This was my first time sewing lapped seams and it went reasonably well (thanks to the help of SewingElle) but the fabric was not ideally suited for the technique – as the outside of the fabric is comprised of slippery fibres which split apart when sewing – particularly if across the grain, which was the case for a few of the seams (notably the front shoulder shown below).  The benefit of this busy fabric is that you can’t really tell.


OTTas it is, I love it and even if I can’t summon up the nerve to wear it, I feel happy knowing it is in my wardrobe.


Cropped Alice

IMG_2185I made this.  For me.  The fit was very awkward, so after being remodelled from a tunic length top to a crop top (almost), S has claimed it.

Like all Tessuti patterns, this went together like a dream.  The fine linen from Spotlight was also lovely to sew with.  The sleeve-y things are a nice design feature – but require thought re: underwear.

Thank you to SewingElle for the pics.

Charlie scrubs


So, I finally got around to making this.  For H.  In fabric (cotton sateen from Spotlight) she has been coveting for a long time.  I did an excellent job if I say so myself (but thanks always to Heather Lou for fabulous patterns) – see lovely deep neckline facing, passable front band thingy, nice hand sewing on inside of front band thingy

And most importantly, pockets:


Here are front and back views with special photo-bombing by Mr B:

Problem – H is not keen on it.  “I feel like a nurse”.  Did not see that coming.  Apparently something to do with the V-neck.  It may never be worn in public.  Still, I am happy that this went together so well and will make the next version for myself.

M sewing Burdas 1/2016#115 & 5/2017#112B

Unglamorous title for fabulous frocks!

1/2016 #115 is a re-match – the first time I made it, I didn’t make it long enough and it became a blouse.  This time, I was more careful and made a cherry sack dress!


The fabric is a lovely (but itchy and scratchy) wool/silk blend from Emma One Sock.  My favourite bit of the dress apart from the pretty fabric is the sleeves – the style of which I note are on some current Veronika Maine offerings…

It doesn’t drape as well as the VM version due to the stiff fabric, but nothing wrong with billowing sleeves!

Burda 5/2017#112B is a wrap dress made for H in a poly crepe purchased in Leicester, UK.  I love the colour of this and it is perfect on H.

The bows on the sleeves are a little ungainly, but from a distance, they seem just right.  The high-low hem is lovely.  The only negative about this dress is that it is a bit big on the bodice but I had to guess-fit as H was working while I was sewing.  Still, it’s not too bad and the gloriousness of the colour more than makes up for what it lacks in fit, I feel.


M sewing Burda 12/2011 #119

This blouse has been in my virtual wardrobe since I saw it in the magazine.  Now, I have it.

I bought a gorgeous kelly green sateen from Spotlight and did everything properly – including making a muslin:


The neckline is very low and I raised it by 5 cm – still NSFW – but I am determined to find somewhere to wear it!  The pattern itself requires 150cm wide fabric.  My fabric was about 130cm, so I had to join the bow a couple of times.  It is a very clever pattern in that the ties which make the bow are actually cut on to the bodice parts.  Was a bit of a jigsaw, but I took it slowly and it went together well.

I made this on holiday with SewingElle and here I am with her lovely daughter.