Mia for moi

After my last Mia got snaffled by S, I made another – this time in a khaki cotton/linen from Spotlight.  I bought the fabric thinking to make a shirt for K, but it feels a little heavy for a shirt – and more like a Mia with a flounce.

I made this one with the pleated front yoke option:


The beauty of this fabric is that it is so rustic-looking, that it covers a multitude of sewing sins (like un-even pleats).

I added a ruffle to the hem to match the ruffles on the sleeves and am very pleased with how it turned out.

I kept the selvage on the ruffle – not lazy, just very chic – n’est pas?



Kalle III

This time for H, in a textured blue and white striped cotton/linen from Ferrier Fashion Fabrics.


I was a bit worried about the rather large collar stand and stiff collar …


But you don’t notice it once it’s on and H is delighted with it.  A self tie belt has been requested and is on its way.  I don’t think it needs it but Young Person not used to wearing sack-like garments.

Glorious plants in neighbour’s garden and sneak preview of next me-make …

Eco Georgia

I have finally worked out how to download my Seamwork patterns, so here is my first one –  Georgia.

As you can see, it is the simplest pattern ever – but a favourite silhouette for me.

This Georgia is “eco” because I used a gifted remnant for the top (thanks to my sister-in-law’s mother’s clean out of her garage!) and the bottom of one of S’s formal dresses for the skirt.


The formal dress was me-made and I bought silk georgette for the skirt.  It feels so lovely on.

I will try the pattern again as I am not totally happy with this version.  According to the Seamwork measurements, I cut a size 16 but then had to bring in the side seams to about a 12.  The neckline and sleeves feel too big.  The next version will be better fitting (although still with quite a bit of ease) and will have the Georgia skirt.  This is still okay to swish about in though…

Sadie slip dress in Barbie pink

I made this in lovely silk to wear as a nightie.  It is quite translucent, so there is no way I am going to publish a pic of me in it!

It is really lovely to wear – feels v luxe.

the construction seemed a little fussy for such a simple-looking garment, but I guess the end result justifies the means.  My fancy loop turner thingy worked a treat for the spaghetti straps…

Fabric and pattern from Tessuti.

S scores Mia

The Mia tunic pattern from Tessuti.  I made two Mia shirts for myself when the pattern first came out some years ago and have literally worn them each to death.  I thought I’d make another one – but longer this time – more tunic-style than shirt.

S decided it made a lovely dress and has appropriated it to her wardrobe!  I was very happy with this (when I tried it on over a short denim skirt!) but have to agree, it looks very well on her.


I made this from a cheery broderie Anglaise from Spotlight.  I was taken with the border selvage, so made a frill to match along the hem.  Will have to make another for myself – and not tell S this time.  Pics on location at craft night – thanks T!