Not a red frilled linen wrap dress

That’s what I had this fabric earmarked for.  The fabric has been burning a hole in my stash as I waited for the perfect wrap dress pattern – ie: a wrap dress that makes me look skinnier than I am (!).

I have given up and made this jacket instead.


It is Burda  8/2018 #111B.  This went together a treat during a lovely sewing day at SewingElle’s.  The sleeves are particularly nice and I submit the line drawing below to give you more of an idea:


It also looks nice without the belt:


The colour is wonderful and the pic below shows it best:



Black Audrey

I braved this lovely Tessuti pattern again, this time in a beautiful 100% fine Italian cotton from Tessuti.  The fabric is rather charmingly called Offred and is understandably sold out.

I lengthened the shirt by 3 cm in the front panels and by as much as I could on the back hem, tapering out to the ends of the ties.  It is a better length on me than my first attempt at this shirt.


I was so worried about the tapering of the ties etc, that I sewed a lovely fine double rolled hem on the ties – inside out!!  When I tried to unpick it and re-do it, the fine fabric frayed and behaved badly, so I ended up just leaving them.  The nature of the ties means that even if I had hemmed them the right way, the wrong side would have shown anyway!

Close up for self-berating purposes:


Swimming Shirt


This is by special request from H.  She wanted:

  • long sleeved
  • white linen
  • shirt style top
  • suitable for tucking in, hanging out, tying in front – and swimming in!

Kalle shirt it was then.  I used the sleeve extension kindly printed off for me by SewingElle.  Couple of points about the sleeves – they are too short:


Partly my fault for cropping about 2.5cm off the cuffs which seemed way too wide for my liking but even so, I think there should have been about that much extra in the length of the body of the sleeve.  Also, the plackets.  Confusing instructions and poorly executed on my part.  Still, it is a swimming shirt.


Despite its faults, it is a charming shirt, made more so by the hotchpotch buttons from the button jar:


Shirt is a great success and was worn on its second day as an over-shirt – meeting the tied-up at front requirement!


Shirt for Kenneth

Not a lot to say about this TNT Kwik Sew pattern.  This is the 5th one and now have the confidence to make it in a plain fabric.  This is made in a lovely linen from Spotlight.  K is happy with it but complaining that it is itchy-scratchy.  Hopefully this will improve on washing…  I suspect nothing will live up to the gloriousness of the Liberty lawn shirt.


Wishing you a cherry Christmas

H is the biggest fan of Christmas and when she asks for a new Christmas dress, it is an absolute delight and privilege to oblige.

I made this pattern – view D in cotton duck from Spotlight.


The pattern was fun but complicated to follow.  It is not apparent from the picture on the front of the envelope or from the line drawing on the back, that the skirt is joined to the waistband with gathers, pleats and a long dart:

The pleats, darts etc are asymmetric and there are less, but more (in terms of greater aysemmetricality) asymmetrical pleats on the back.  There is an invisible zip down the side, complicated by an inseam pocket but the instructions are clear, so this went together pretty well.

The facings all needed extra stitching down – I suspect because yet again, I used fabric not totally compatible with the pattern.  IMG_2109

Anyway, all the fancy gathers, pleats etc made for a pretty shaped skirt and H loves it:


Christmassy Charlie

So I made the Charlie Caftan for myself – in decidedly un-caftanlike fabric.  The fabric is described on the selvage as taffeta – it is an itchy-scratchy fabric from Lincraft but I like the dress so much I will put up with it.  With this very large pattern repeat, I was glad I bought 3m of fabric and I am happy with the way the pattern worked on this design.

Nothing else to say about this fabulous pattern – but here’s a parting shot my photographer sent with the others…



Tulip dress


This is a brilliant pattern.  It is beautifully drafted and went together so easily – even though I tried to make it difficult by making it in a widely spaced broderie cotton (from Spotlight) which needed underlining.


I made a Euro 44 and it fits perfectly.  So happy with this dress.  You can see the shape of the dress in the first photo below but the second photo shows it really does photograph better in the sunlight…

Bonus paparazzi shot: