One for Sewing Elle

Challenge accepted.  Refer to the fabulous blog of Sewing Elle – He Cooks She Sews (, for important information about this pattern and reference to this unblogged-about blouse.

I’m a sucker for foofy sleeves and this blouse has them in spades.  It is meant to be a dress, but I am stupid and didn’t check before I cut and therefore did not lengthen the pattern where indicated.  Still, the fabric is fairly fine and is probably better as a blouse.  I love the colour and pattern of the fabric and wear this often to work under a jacket.  That defeats the purpose of lovely sleeves, but at least I know they are there.

Here’s the pics – including close up of weird shoulder thingy – I am such a slave to pattern directions that I followed it blindly – when I should have used common sense like Sewing Elle and left them off…

Apologies for less than optimal photography – harassed photographer on way to work…




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